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Security Cameras May 07, 2015 »





Beginning immediately, thanks to our tax dollars, we have begun the installation of security cameras in key locations throughout the neighborhood.This service is totally free of charge. All that is required is internet access. See below for details:

  1. TSBD's first priority is to place as many cameras as necessary at the homes and businesses located on a corner.
    • Note: If you reside, or have a business, on a corner, and have not…
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LIGHT UP YOUR HOME!!! Oct 01, 2014 »

Crime is on the rise.  Make every effort to protect yourself, your home and your loved ones.

  • Lighting is the single greatest deterrent for burglary!  Leave your porch lights on dusk to dawn.  Consider dusk to dawn lights or timers.
  • If you have an alarm system USE IT!
  • Auto safety

o   Never leave valuable visible within a car. 

o   Be certain to keep car doors locked. 

o   NEVER keep spare house keys in your car.

o   Be sure to check that your registration is there.  When…

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