Touro Bouligny Security District
P.O. Box 750290 New Orleans, Louisiana 70175

Cameras Installed as of as of 6/15/15

3700 block Magazine St- 2 cameras

1000 block Coliseum St- 1 camera

4000 block Prytania St- 1 camera

3900 block Coliseum- 1 camera

1400 block Gen. Pershing- 2 cameras

3700 block Magazine- 2 cameras

3500 block Camp St- 1 camera

1400 block Antonine 2 cameras on apt parking lot

1400 block Marengo 1 camera

3900 block Prytania 1 camera

4000 block Prytania 1 camera

Metro Security Statistics for

May 29 - June 5, 2016

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Beginning immediately, thanks to our tax dollars, we have begun the installation of security cameras in key locations throughout the neighborhood.This service is totally free of charge. All that is required is internet access. See below for details:

  1. TSBD's first priority is to place as many cameras as necessary at the homes and businesses located on a corner.
    • Note: If you reside, or have a business, on a corner, and have not heard from us, we want to speak to you about placing a camera(s) at your location.
  2. The cameras come with a DVR that will be installed in your home or business.Only you and/or Metro Security, the TBSD, security patrol service, and NOPD will have access to the camera feed. You will be able to see what the camera is capturing from your cell phone at any time.
  3. These cameras will be only focused on street activity and public domain. No camera will be pointed into anyone's backyard or private space.
  4. The TBSD will own the cameras and the DVR's.
  5. TBSD reserves the right to have access to recordings should a crime or incident occur that would warrant further investigation by the NOPD and/ or Metro Security. Should you not grant access when requested; camera(s) will be removed immediately.
  6. The cameras will be focused solely on the streets. Should you desire a camera in your own private space you can speak with the camera company, Sure Shot Video.They may be reached via email ( or phone (504) 339-3277 for details and pricing. Pricing of your own “private camera(s)" will be at significant savings. Installation and maintenance of these “private cameras" will be the owner's responsibility. TBSD will be responsible for purchase, installation and maintenance of only the cameras that are installed for public view.

Charles Franks (TBSD board member), is available to discuss further details and if you are interested in having a camera installed.